Criminal Law

Criminal offences are usually prosecuted by the State or Commonwealth. They range from traffic offences, to drug and alcohol offences, theft or robbery, unlawful entry, trespass, property or environmental damage (i.e. graffiti), and acts intending to cause injury, serious assault and sexual assault.

If you are charged or arrested by police, it is important you are aware of your legal rights and your options immediately.

At Southern Vales Legal, our lawyers are able to give you the frank advice you need when you have been accused of criminal charges and allegations. Whether you need to make an application for bail, guilty plea or need advice or representation for other Court summons, our solicitors are able to help you find practical solutions and fight for your rights.

We are able to help you attend Court, whether it be in Christies Beach, Victor Harbor or Adelaide (Youth, Magistrates, District or Supreme), or any other Court.

To arrange a time to speak with one of our solicitors in relation to Criminal Law enquiries, please telephone our offices on (08) 8323 9066.